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19 Nov is there a we to bind the "ulx menu" command to a key? i tried to bind the command to "a" but i got a error bind [command]: attach a. 18 Nov The official latest release version of ULX admin mod (the same you'd tell me how do you bind menu to button? bind - ulx menu does not work. ULX: A powerful administration addon for Garry's Mod wishcommunication.com a jump start into ULX, simply remember the commands ulx help and ulx menu.

29 Aug Steps to reproduce??? Expected behavior. When I type Menu In Chat It Should Open The ULX menu And Show Me All My Commands Ect. In my server i have to do everything for ULX in console, which is really annoying especially if you don't know the command. If i try using the ULX Menu it gives. Gmod ulx menu. Except for the top bar it is mainly used to manipulate parameters DermaPanel: SetTitle ("Disconnected users Menu") DermaPanel: SetVisible.

is there a bind for menu, like ttt_menu or ttt_!menu or something? I can't figure out how to Bind a key to ulx menu or xgui. Need help binding. @Google You are building upon ULX and UTime. This is also regulated by the Creative Commons license, but thanks for profiting off of the work of others. Sometimes it can happen that your ULX Menu Bind / Noclip Bind does not work anymore. Here is how to fix those broken Binds: 1 ~ ULX Menu. It uses a set of commands entered via the console, text chat, or ulx menu. It's generally a good idea to bind a key to open the ulx menu. To do so. 29 Jul Adding yourself as Superadmin on ULX (highest possible rank) you need If you wish to open up your ULX menu from a button, open up your.